Complaints and investigation requests

You can file a complaint with the Intelligence Ombudsman, if you think that your rights have been violated in connection with intelligence activities or other illegal actions have been taken. The complaint must be filed in writing. The complaint should include the submitter's name, contact information and necessary information about the matter concerned.

The Intelligence Ombudsman investigates the complaint, if the subject of the complaint is within the Ombudsman’s purview and there is reason to suspect that illegal actions have been taken during intelligence activities, or if the ombudsman considers it necessary for other reasons. Due to a complaint, the Ombudsman takes those measures the Ombudsman considers necessary with regard to the legality of intelligence activities, the realisation of basic and human rights, or the realisation of legal protection. A report deemed necessary by the Ombudsman is obtained in the case.

If you have been subject of intelligence gathering or suspect that you have been subject to intelligence gathering, you can ask the Intelligence Ombudsman to investigate the lawfulness of the used intelligence gathering methods. The investigation request must be filed in writing. It should include the submitter's name and contact information.

Intelligence laws restrict the parties’ right of access. Therefore the Intelligence Ombudsman cannot inform the requester whether he or she has been the subject of intelligence gathering.