What is an Intelligence Ombudsman?

The duty of the Intelligence Ombudsman is to supervise the legality of civilian and military intelligence activities. The Ombudsman is an autonomous and independent authority, who acts in connection with the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman.

The Government appoints the Intelligence Ombudsman for a term of five years at a time. Starting from 1.5.2019, Mr. Kimmo Hakonen will act as the Intelligence Ombudsman.

The Intelligence Oversight Committee of the Parliament is responsible for the parliamentary supervision of intelligence activities.

Duties of the Intelligence Ombudsman

  1. Supervising the legality of the use of intelligence gathering methods and intelligence information as well as other intelligence activities.
  2. Supervising the realisation of basic and human rights in intelligence activities.
  3. Promoting the realisation of legal protection and the related best practices in intelligence activities.
  4. Monitoring and assessing the functionality of legislation within the Ombudsman’s purview and making development proposals that the Ombudsman considers necessary.